Monday, June 15, 2015

The Fine Art of Obsolescence by Tavius Dyer & Monica Martin

The Fine Art of Obsolescence!

Tavius Dyer and Monica Martin set out on a journey into the South of Market to shoot photos of a changing landscape within San Francisco. The SOMA as it is often referred to by the locals covers South Beach, South Park, parts of Mission Bay, Rincon Hill and South Financial District.  There is a long history in this section of San Francisco that includes a variety of cultures and different people from a myriad of lifestyles throughout the ages. 

Monica via Tavius

In 1906 the area was destroyed and rebuilt. Today is changing once again into an upscale multimillion dollar condo neighborhood.  It is in this climate that Tavius and Monica sought to capture the changing face of the SOMa as "the fine art of obsolescence" which became their collaborative book title as well. 

Tavius with iPhone

Their collaboration is comprised of both black and white photography and color. Monica shot 35 ml black and white at 1600 ASA to capture and document of their journey, while Tavius gravitated to using his iPhone in juxtaposition to old payphones as found street art. 

About the Authors:

Monica & Tavius

Monica Martin holds a Masters in Holistic Psychology, and is pursuing her Doctoral Degree in East West Psychology, with a specialization in Somatic Psychology at Sophia University.  She has is a practicing energy healer and more can be found about her at

Tavius Dyer
is a multi-media experimental artist, poet, blogger, rant writer, musician, philosopher, song writer, producer and creative t-shirts idea guy.  He is a vortex of ideas and thoughts that spin out into one creative venture after the other.  His main mission is to share the inspiration - to be the change - to be a leader for others looking for away to make their lives better.  More information can be found about him at

The Fine Art of Obsolescence

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