Monday, July 14, 2014

Word Play Into the Light with Lynda G. Bullerwell


You make me want to fall
into that perfect place where muse, 
like ink, flows from silken swirls; 
syllables that flee from others,
and crawl on bended knee

just to play on your tongue,
drink every whisper
that escapes from your lips,

hanging on every word

like long lost kisses,
that finally found a home,.

I wish to be the flower you speak of
in that note hidden in her suitcase
tucked between perfume 

and scribbled remnants of you.


I want to write that classic;
the one people remember;
the one that leaves you different

than when you came,

profound, like Plath;
melting your heart in a puddle, 
like Neruda.
I want to be beautiful, like Elizabeth,
with the darkness of Poe
and the light of Emily.

I want to paint gardens with syllables
and warm skies to sunrise;

staying golden
when the rest of the world
is monotone.

I want quotation marks on my tombstone,
tears upon pink roses
for her,
you know,

the one who wrote that poem.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynda G. Bullerwell

Lynda G. Bullerwell resides in Texas with her husband, Tim and her Autistic son, Junior. She is also the proud Mother of two daughters, and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Lynda has been writing poetry for over 30 years and considers it her passion and a release for emotions since she was a child. Lynda has been published in literary magazines including Hudson View, Skyline Review, Epiphany Magazine, Writefromwrong and "Struggle" Lynda has released a collection of poetry entitled “Into the Light” published on October 16, 2013 by Waterforest Press.

Copyright Lynda G. Bullerwell

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