Monday, April 14, 2014

"Sober" Poetry by Sheikha A. & "Our Solemn Hour" Artwork by Jorge Remmy


I dream of a day
when in line, you
walk from the need,
leaving me be to
learn about the lone,
you’ll be away far
in a place your own;
then time will know
to find a way to wean,
to lean, push and pull.
I dream of that time
when I ask control
and I learn to stop -
existing in your world.
I shall see of that day
when I don’t reach,
breach, speak or tell;
you’d fight to cry
and you can’t feel,
sense, touch or heal,
suffering the light
when thoughts stay
still, without a clue,
null, numb or nude.
I shall live in that day.
The air will be free,
no guilt tying on you
and I’d have stopped
warring in your world.

About the Author:

Sheikha A. is a Pakistani-born writer who has lived half her impressionable years in the United Arab Emirates. Writing out of her own experience as well as that of others, she believes in empathy and its dominant influence on writing as a whole. Published in several online and print magazines, she intends to see her poetry put into books and be read and discussed widely. Her book titled ‘SPACED’ is available on Kindle (published by Hammer and Anvil Books, Lazarus Media LLC).  Amazon Link to Spaced by Sheikha A.


Artwork "Our Solemn Hour" by Jorge Remmy on Deviantart at Jorge Remmy.