Thursday, September 5, 2013

Whispers of a Celestial Treat with Ashok K. Bhargava

Dew drops form
then fall
only to gradually form again
deep in the dark woods.

Fireflies flash their lights
then hide to shine again.

Dreams, embroidered in
silk-thread designs
shimmer like fireflies
sweet memories
                                                                           revoke to evoke again

Celestial Treat

Your thumbs
hard pressed on my neck
move down
kneading my spine
skillfully relieving
With a firm grasp
and a sudden jerk
you weed
the tough roots
of my knuckles
to a painful relief.
Your palms
rub my soles delicately
stimulating sensations
as I lie down on the floor.
The moon gleams
through the window
your shadow falls on me
bigger than you are today
or you would ever be.

Ashok Bhargava is a multilingual poet and essayist. He has published 4 books of poetry in English. He has been featured on CBC Radio and Chanel M TV as well as Word On The Street, Explorasian and Chapter’s Under The Cherry Tree. He has been published in many literary magazines and anthologies. He is recipient of Pot Ambassador Award, Lifetime Achievement and Empowered Speaker awards. Recently he was honored by University of British Columbia with a Humanitarian award. He is an avid volunteer, supporter & organizer of various social and artistic activities. He is a founder of Writers International Network Canada.  He believes that volunteering enriches us spiritually. He finds living between cultures and languages very intriguing and stimulating.

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