Monday, September 2, 2013

Beautiful Words by a Beautiful Soul - Ceri Naz

Caroline Nazareno, a.k.a. Ceri Naz, is a poet, a journalist, a public speaker, a linguist and a former educator. She is a featured poet at Vancouver Word On The Street and World Poetry Canada and International and an active participant in Poetry Reading at World Poetry Night Out New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. 

Recently, an international recognition as World Poetry Empowered Poet 2013 was given to her by World Poetry Canada & International Peace Festival 2013. Among others she received the following: World Poetry Poet Piper 2012; Certificate of Appreciation for the International Peace Festival 2011 given by World Poetry Canada and International on May 16,2011; Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Poetry as a World Poet by Poetry Around the Globe founded and hosted by Lucia Gorea, PhD.

Every Drop of Forever

i have opened the letters of our hearts
beyond the pages, beyond the chapters
i heard echoing whispers in the dark
deep down my soul, the unsought universe

the poetry we kissed, we meant, we shared together
is more than forever

i'll gather each line
of our vanishing time
and hold you in my arms,
the symphony of all rhymes
be it shorter than the last second of our breaths
i will go beyond the maze
of lost and unfound
i am just here
saying how much i love you. 



in the morning i am sipping
all the calmness of your voice
i own the multitude of dreams
the solace of northern skies
haunting my soul
the glow in your eyes
were the total recall
wincing me love.

i walk my days on a shore
my footprints and yours
are one
at time you wait for the answer
i love you
my sweet surrender.

- Ceri Naz

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  1. Wonderful All!
    Love them!
    Great writing, Ceri.

  2. Our Cherry Muse,

    Thank you very much for this feature of my works.
    I am honored you have included me in the roster of great artists and poets of our time.

    More Power!

  3. FABULOUS ... very beautiful poems... thank you deary poetess Ceri.. for sharing you great writes.. Love you and love your poems.. :)

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  5. wonderful and heartfelt... songs of the heart evoke the happiest of melodies!