Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Wandering Peace Corp Pilgrim & Contemplative Poet

not often

he made love, he remembered
each instance:
once as a cold cloud moving through
rhododendron branches.
once as a sea of warm moonlight
casting stark shadows below the limbs of a budding cherry.
once as a heartbeat, steady.

One of the things I enjoy about Tom BeeBe's blog and emails is that he shares an open heart directly from his travels. There is wisdom, humor and an unpretentious grace than comes from both direct exposure to the plight of humanity and from the humility of realizing how interconnected our lives really are.

All of the photos featured here were shot by Tom during his travels. Please refer to his blogspot for more delights:  Tom Beebe

my wishes

are like the legs of a giraffe
reaching impossibly
wobbling about in their steady gait
sometimes running, sometimes walking
all elbows and knees

it started as trousers
that he simply outgrew.
He reused every thread and
made himself a coat.
Then summer came
and with what was left of his coat
he made a shirt.
He wore it every day
until it became rags,
and from the rags he
wove a hat.

and finally, mercifully,
the wind took the hat away, it was gone.

The Best Teachers.... by Tom BeeBe

...sometimes appear for us in unexpected places.

I love this picture.  It was taken at a mosquito net distribution event in a rural part of Senegal, the event  is supported by StompOutMalaria and the current President's Malaria Initiative. Malaria is one of the leading killers of children on the continent of Africa and worldwide.  2,000 children per day, or one child every 45 seconds or so, die of malaria.  The PMI has the ambitious goal of achieving universal coverage of all malaria-effected areas with mosquito nets, to protect people in the places that they sleep and prevent the spread of the disease by mosquitos from person to person.  StompOutMalaria is the signature 50-year-anniversary Peace Corps initiative to support the PMI.  Some of the community programming models of Senegal have become showcase examples for other African countries to consider in implementing their own strategies.  

Kids like this guy could teach us all an important lesson, don't you think? "

For Tom's insights and comments on Human Trafficking Prevention go here:

Tom Beebe on Human Trafficking Prevention

Thank you Tom for your service to others through the Peace Corps!

About the author:

Tom Beebe has worked for the Peace Corps as a volunteer for 5 terms of service spanning 25 years in the following countries: 

West Africa - Niger - 1986-1988
East Africa - Kenya - 2001
USA - Gulf Region - Katrina Response - 2005
Southeast Asia - Philippines - 2010
East Africa - Tanzania - 2011. 

He has also worked for FEMA, US Crisis Corps, League of Conservation Voters, Citizen Action.

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  1. Kudos on both artistic efforts and on such a prolonged and evidently very successful stint as a Peace Corp operative.