Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Prayers For The Beloved Project by George "Geo" Green

The Prayers For The Beloved Project

George is a writer, a poet and an eternal child of wonder. Often lovingly referred to as "Geo" by his friends. Since his mid teens he has had the ongoing experience of literally being consumed by inspiration. Geo's inspirations are first felt then seen in his internal visionary landscape well before any words appear. When words do appear, they are often few, yet infused with the same richness and intensity of his feelings and the images they invoke.

The Prayers For The Beloved Project was born from his deep and abiding love of inspiration, artistry and expression and how they feed and inspire others to live a more passionate, loving and fulfilling life.

In and through all aspects and expressions of Geo's "Prayers For The Beloved Project" he has made a choice and a commitment of love, of devotion, and to have the most essential conversation, the one that occurs in and with his own heart, his Beloved.

In life we each are invited and required to summon our courage, to embrace and embody our greatest purpose and destiny, 

In Geo's own words "By stepping into my own greater courage I have claimed my essential hunger & desire for inspiration, my willingness to be seen and heard. While doing so I have also discovered and claimed my greater purpose. I AM inviting you to ride along with me as our journey together continues into further explorations and expressions of our greater purpose and passion.

Perhaps along the way you will discover and claim what is most essential in your life, what inspires and ignites your Spirit, and what feeds you and those around you in a more meaningful way."

We are Beloved

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