Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Take a Journey on the "Bohemian Highway" by Marc Creamore

Bohemian Highway is written with heartfelt compassion and love for humankind and the universe, by a poet who is dealing with a terminal illness and reaches out for universal understanding of our global environmental and socialistic concerns.

Read what others are saying about Bohemian Highway and Marc Creamore:

"Marc Creamore, and Rob Ganson to whom this book is dedicated, are both gardeners in every sense of the word. Their gentle hands tend the soil, plant seeds of thought, nurture them with warmth and light, then wait for various blooms to rise and flourish, scenting the air with beauty and truth. They provide us with sustenance for the soul. To read their writing is to dive into the water, discover the inestimable treasures of the deep, to rise with new breath and understanding of where we've been, where we are going, what we are in the process of becoming as we travel along this winding path - indeed, what Marc refers to as the Bohemian Highway." - Wanda Lea Brayton, Author of Swanee Sighs.

"Marc Creamore is one of the most dynamic, influential poets in North America today.  The chronicles of history will say that of 21st century poets Creamore, by far, topped the lists.  He, without fist or bandied club, brought us to the flame of his word and we are warmed, unencumbered, gifted to be present to see, hear and read this Treasure of North America and gift to the world." -William B. Burkholder, Author: The Sower's Tree (A Poetic Harvest), The Writer's Sight.

Marc Creamore is an Early Childhood Educator and poet, living in British Columbia. His early influences include Beat and Chinese poets, Eastern philosophy, spirituality and musical songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Tom Rapp. He is the author of "The Wrong Side of the Curtain", "Bleaker Street and Other Observations", "Tea Leaves And Denim", "Notes From The Abandoned Orchard of the Moon", and "Bohemian Highway".

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