Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"follow the clear river down" to the heart of Rob Ganson

Rob Ganson is the sort of poet who keeps to himself and doesn't blow his own praises. He's not greedy like the rest of his peers. But this is not because his work isn't loud! His poetry moves like the river and cuts through a forest with sound that must be reckoned with.

He is the author of three books of poetry: Float Like a Butterfly, Sing Like a Tree; follow the clear river down; A Storm of Horses.

If you enjoy the feeling of beat poets mixed with the sounds of street voices and natural wonders, then you will be moved by Rob Ganson's power to merge these worlds together via the poetic.

It is not easy to pick one poem to demonstrate Rob Ganson's poetic dexterity but I decided to share this poem he wrote for a mutual friend of ours who passed away suddenly a few years ago. It't not easy to write poetry that is both crafted well and emotional but this poem is an example of both.

         The Black Villanelle

                (for Julian)

When sparrows fall from grace in dingy light
and distant cities lack their strident song,
another soul is given to the night.
For those who were blind to the sparrow's plight, 
it seems some part of them must go along,
when sparrows fall from grace in dingy light.
On darkest nights I hope to reignite
the spirit of a poet who chose wrong.
Another soul is given to the night.
It seemed dark muse held him oh so tight.
He couldn't see the light for which he longed,
when sparrows fall from grace in dingy light.
I treasured gentle poems he would write,
but voices kept him distant from delight.
Another soul is given to the night.
Sometimes, it seems a sparrow may alight
and I might hear a voice, so young and strong.
When sparrows fall from grace in dingy light,
another soul is given to the night.

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image33 photography

Mary Kerkes is more than a photographer - she is a lover of life with a creative and tender soul.  She gathers the mood in a photo much the way she writes poetry, raises her family and shares special moments with her friends. Through her lens we peak into the sweet and intimate moments of those close to her. It is true magic when a photographer can reveal the innermost feelings of others and turn private moments into public ones without a hint of having done so.

This is artistic and soulful photography at it's finest.

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"October Roses" by Kevin Barnard

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Kevin Barnard is a multi-talented and gifted human being. He infuses his art with the same spirit he creates his musical compositions full of lyrical, gentle and loving vibrations.  He has collaborated with filmmakers, poets, dancers, visual artists, corporations, stay-home-moms and opera singers to create a line of beauty through his life and others.  To see more of Kevin's art work visit his website.  To hear more of his music visit him on Reverbnation.

Adam Smithmada

"What can I say that my art cannot itself convey?
Like words, paintings have their own definitions,
unique to each and every person. 
Who I am, where I come from, what and why I paint is all irrelevant. 

The creative act itself... the construct, the deconstruction, 
the breaking apart and coming together is the truth. 
The truth is all I seek to discover, experience and convey."

- Adam Smith


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