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Glass Skin: Intimate Poetry by Janet Richards

Glass Skin 

Janet Richards’ poetry is quietly mesmerizing. This collection provides a carefully crafted balance between life experience and literature. The reader will be
lured in by her descriptions of the every day. She gives us the pulse of days and seasons, the give and
take of intimacy, and the bond of mother and child. These poems recognize and celebrate the subtle, organic signals of our daily lives

Glass Skin (2008 Hidden Brook Press)

Black Pottery and Batik

In Santa Cruz
shoulders already blistered 
by February sun
I watch Mexican children splash in pacific waves
laughter stolen by the breeze.
At the market full of trinkets
I am everyone's Amiga.

In La Crucecita
I marvel over silver and amethyst,
watch tourists and locals
from a bench in the plaza.
I pass on the mezcal
you sample at the factory.

Here the coffee and fruit are fresh
corner store beer is drunk
under shade of banana trees
while turkey vultures circle above the hill.
At the hotel we leave the windows open
listen to the songs of foreign birds
and kiss in the warmth.


fireflies & faces in the flames

as june and july exchange niceties
fireflies flicker
otherworldly green

woodsmoke laces night air
faces rise and fade
orange and blue

tree spirits freed
from broken branches
burned in a circle of stones

loons call to them
ducks laugh like young girls from the point
clouds part slight pathways to the stars

the ground rustlecrunches alive
music drifts in waves from across the lake

just nod if you can hear me...

(Both of the above poems were written by Janet Richards. Please do not copy without written permission from the author:


Reviews for Glass Skin - Janet Richards

This collection provides a carefully crafted balance between life experience and literature.
Janet Richards gives us the pulse of days and seasons, the give and take of intimacy, and the bond of mother and child. These poems recognize and celebrate the subtle, organic signals of our daily lives.

R.D. Roy, Panegyric Press

"Dragonfly nymphs stir in ever-warming water …"
Janet's observations glean, as though perched on top a tripod draped in a velvet cloak.

Jennifer Londry

Janet's poetry is quietly mesmerizing. You are lured in by her descriptions of the every day, and stay for the often bittersweet tang at the end. At once universal and extremely personal, they swirl
around in your mind long after the first reading is over.

Jennifer May,
Belleville Branch, Ontario Poetry Society

Janet Richards' book is a journey of imagery connected to the Bay of Quinte region; it also opens the reader's eyes to all of life's daily adventures. The sound of the poet's voice is often in a language that surprises. Glass Skin - a great addition to the Quinte literary landscape. Enjoy.

Mary Thomas
Journalist, Broadcaster, Author


About the Author:

Janet Richards is a poet and journalist living in the Bay of Quinte region of Ontario. Her first book Glass Skin was published by Hidden Brook Press in 2008. Janet's work is also included in the anthologies Gas, Grass or Ass, Nobody Rides for Free; Brother, My Cup and Eyes of the Poet. She has also been published in Lady Jane's Miscellany, Gutter Eloquence Magazine and Burst! Janet shares her home with her husband, three daughters, and a changeable number of pets.

Contact for more information or signed copies of Glass Skin:


Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Not all who wander are lost." Check out Apollo!

This guy rocks! 

Videos here:

The Traveling Poet is a concept that was created when a man with a love for music, poetry and art decided to let go of everything he ever knew and go on an adventure. In 2009, he moved into his van in order to travel around the United States and inspire people to express and use communication as a tool to create peace within our communities. Convinced that words can change the world, he grabbed a camera and hit the road to shoot a documentary and write a book about his journey. The Traveling Poet goes to schools, shelters, and poetry venues around the world to spread an inspirational message of education and inner peace. The project has evolved and now includes poets, photographer, travelers, businessmen, filmmakers, and artists from around the world; Joining forces to create a movement based on Education, & Self-Expression.

Apollo Poetry is a spoken word poet, hiphop artist, filmmaker, and author who has chosen words as tools of inspiration to bridge the gap between our cultural divisions and unite us back into the realization that we are souls having a human experience.

In 2007, he became the first spoken word artist to perform at the Billboard Awards.  Apollo's major appearances include MTV'S True Life, VIBE Magazine, The WakeUp Show, Source's Unsigned Hype, Showtime at Apollo, along with performances at Madison Square Garden & America West Arena.  

Apollo has performed and presented in over 40 states at high schools, colleges, retirement homes, homeless shelters, and other community based projects.

Apollo has worked with and spoken at events by Invisible Children, Youth for Human Rights, the Department of Peace, the Alzheimers Poetry Project, and many more non-profits and education-based organizations.

Apollo gained popularity in the poetry community as he dug deeper into the intensity of his performances allowing the spirit to channel through his body and brings forth a message that takes the crowd on a deeper journey.

The ink has become his blood. The paper has become his skin. He now tattoos his soul from the inside out with the goal to uplift humanity through words.  

Videos here:

Featured on MTV'S True Life
Performed on "Showtime at Apollo"
Performed at the BILLBOARD AWARDS
Appeared on ABC
The # 1 voted hip hop artist in the country on MTV2.COM's On The Rise Contest
Opening act on the Pussycat Dolls Tour and the Pitbull Tour
In the studio with Swizz Beats, Ruff Ryders DJ Shok & G-Unit’s T. Scott.
Sponsored member of the RAP OLYMPICS team (Shady Records)
SOURCE Magazine's "Unsigned Hype" Champion 
Power 92.3s' Hall of Fame Champion
Performed for the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden
Performed for the AND1 Game at America West Arena
Appeared on Channel 3 AZ-TV  & Metro Channel
Won 1st Place at the Interscope Records sponsored Talent Show for "Best Solo Artist"
 Featured on the Sway & Tech Wake Up Show twice

Winner of the Presidential "Point of Light" Award

Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Take a Journey on the "Bohemian Highway" by Marc Creamore

Bohemian Highway is written with heartfelt compassion and love for humankind and the universe, by a poet who is dealing with a terminal illness and reaches out for universal understanding of our global environmental and socialistic concerns.

Read what others are saying about Bohemian Highway and Marc Creamore:

"Marc Creamore, and Rob Ganson to whom this book is dedicated, are both gardeners in every sense of the word. Their gentle hands tend the soil, plant seeds of thought, nurture them with warmth and light, then wait for various blooms to rise and flourish, scenting the air with beauty and truth. They provide us with sustenance for the soul. To read their writing is to dive into the water, discover the inestimable treasures of the deep, to rise with new breath and understanding of where we've been, where we are going, what we are in the process of becoming as we travel along this winding path - indeed, what Marc refers to as the Bohemian Highway." - Wanda Lea Brayton, Author of Swanee Sighs.

"Marc Creamore is one of the most dynamic, influential poets in North America today.  The chronicles of history will say that of 21st century poets Creamore, by far, topped the lists.  He, without fist or bandied club, brought us to the flame of his word and we are warmed, unencumbered, gifted to be present to see, hear and read this Treasure of North America and gift to the world." -William B. Burkholder, Author: The Sower's Tree (A Poetic Harvest), The Writer's Sight.

Marc Creamore is an Early Childhood Educator and poet, living in British Columbia. His early influences include Beat and Chinese poets, Eastern philosophy, spirituality and musical songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Tom Rapp. He is the author of "The Wrong Side of the Curtain", "Bleaker Street and Other Observations", "Tea Leaves And Denim", "Notes From The Abandoned Orchard of the Moon", and "Bohemian Highway".

All of the books listed are available through Amazon.  If the links do not work, then you may also contact the editors at: