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Spirits in Peace: Featuring Richard Doiron

Spirits in Peace

Richard Doiron has been named recipient of the World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award for 2012. The Award is to be presented to him at the World Poetry International Peace Festival, May 25, 26, 2012 in Richmond, British Columbia.

There were forty-five poets nominated for this Award by publishers from various parts of the globe, but Doiron was selected along with Jacqueline Maire, who will receive her Award the following October.

For Doiron, this Award validates his fifty years of writing poetry, during which time he has produced the largest body of poetry in human history, with an estimated 40,000 poems penned (over 1000 of those in 2011). He has published an estimated 1000 poems in his life, his work in print in over 100 paper books and periodicals, along with numerous online publications. He has won several international competitions. His work has been read at the United Nations University for Peace, the World Congress of Poetry & Culture, and he has participated in national and international literary festivals. He has also been heard over World Poetry Café Radio, numerous times (including a one-hour live interview on Oct. 11, 2011), and his work has been showcased with World Poetry for the best part of a decade on a regular basis.

Richard is associate editor of two ongoing publications, one which caters to sonnets, a form he has mastered, penning an unprecedented 5555 of those. He is both an inspiration and a mentor to many aspiring and established poets in various parts of the globe. Oddly enough, the one place where Richard remains relatively unknown is in the City of his birth, which is Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, where he lives and the province of New Brunswick itself. The neglect is unmistakable, recognized far and wide, and seen broadly as a concerted effort to silence him and his work. For his part, meanwhile, Richard continues to promote both poetry and the poets of the world! It is his firmly-held belief that it is the responsibility of the artists to promote others artists, and he also is adamant that we are all held accountable to history, ultimately!

For more details on how to contract Richard or to obtain copies of his work, refer to the Spirits in Peace website directly:

Richard Doiron: Spirits in Peace
Congratulations Richard!

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