Monday, December 12, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas in Poetry by Jim Dunlap

The Spirit of Christmas in Poetry

A collection of rhyming form poetry reflecting on the joys of Christmas. From family memories to an overview of the holiday, these writes are best read aloud at a holiday gathering - but can also be enjoyed in a solitary setting. A fireplace and cup of hot cider are recommended to go with this collection.
These rhyming form poems reflect on everything from happy family memories to an overview of the holiday. The joys of childhood gatherings, images of mother bustling in the kitchen and father in a happy mood, the hot cider and music and lighthearted moods of the holiday. All and more can be found within these selections. These are good read aloud to friends and family, but also do well read quietly in solitude. Recommeded go-withs include a fireplace, a cup of hot cider or chocolate, and some music. But they also stand well on their own.

Jim Dunlap is creative writer.  His 
short stories and poetry appear in many online resources, as well as book reviews.  He has participated in several public readings of poetry featured on political blogs/websites. He was voted in Writer's Digest top 100 in 3 categories, literary short story, rhymed verse and unrhymed verse.  He is a true master of the words. Enjoy his Christmas gift to all!

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