Monday, December 12, 2011

Nicolette's Fire Lily: Flower of the Flame

Nicolette's Book: Fire Lily Flower of the Flame

In this passionate collection of poetry Nicolette van der Walt shares with her readers the intimacy of her very marrow. It more than a poet who shares their heart and soul through the beauty of flowers or the tragedy of their short lives, with Nicolette it is depth of love as it smolders within long after the fire has grown cool; her poetry is a window into longing that is more intense than mere desire. Then by turns of sunlight and flowers, she is every season of the earth as she guides her readers into unblinking truths that are as luminous in the dance of sublime understanding of love and loss, as they are of intimacy, lust, parenting, nature, society and celebrations. You will want this book on your nightstand for bedtime reading and dreaming.

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