Monday, December 19, 2011

A Modern Scribe of Ancient Poetry and Myths

Normandi Ellis

Dreams of Isis is one of my favorite books by Normandi Ellis. If you are drawn to the story of Isis and want to apply it to your life with more revelance, here is a great review from her website below.  

"Drawing on her travels in modern-day Egypt and her lifelong study of Egyptian mythology and art, Normandi Ellis takes us on a moving autobiographical journey through the sacred sites and rituals of Egypt's past, revealing their restorative and transformative power for contemporary women like herself. Ellis's spell-binding prose weaves a tapestry of the personal past and the spiritual eternal in this exploration of the secret wisdom of ancient Egypt. "

"Eloquent. With vivid prose and a deeply spiritual intellect, Ellis has created a work of three elements: a lively, scholarly text of Egyptian myth and tradition; a moving account of a personal struggle to transformation; and, as witness to her transformation, a collection of insights into the human experience and psyche. ..A work worth reading." --- Parabola

Normandi has written several books inspired by her studies and travels to Egypt, as well as many stories inspired by her Kentucky childhood and other magical realms. Reading her is as close to reading the best lyircal poetic story telling and anciet weaving of myths available from a modern scribe one can possibly be.

More of her book titles can be found here:
Normandi's Books

And, a great interview here:
Obsidian Magazine Interview with Normandi Ellis

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