Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Master of the Mask and Spirit World

Ernesto Sanchez

Ernesto creates with love, care and spiritual awareness.  He puts the tender energies of an angel or a benevolent moon right beside the fierce qualities of the underworld as also expressed by the same winged creatures of the night because all these energies exist within us; side by side in contrast and remembrance.

Time and again I am drawn to Ernesto's studio at Point Reyes Station the way a moon is magnetized by the sea.  If it is a choice, I am not sure. But is it essential to the spiritual communication within myself? Yes.

Ernesto has an interesting background that leads him toward the journey of creating and building a studio space.  He is humble and consistent in his vision of expression the hidden energies within us. The essence of the beings he brings to form is that they have a living quality to them which lends their light toward our hearts and psyches to birth a transformation.

In his own words from his website:

"Art is not a profession but a path towards truth and self-realization both for the maker and the spectator.”
Mookerjee, Tantra Art.
My work is both mixed media and multicultural, incorporating influences from my studies in Asia and Indonesia, my Mexican-American upbringing, my travels through Latin America and my southern California childhood.
My goal is to create art that resonates with the reverent presence of spirit and provides
a vehicle for people’s spiritual expression and discovery."

Ernesto's work, energy, spirit and creativity has often inspired my poetry.  My recent CD Lanterns with a moon on the cover comes from the many years of working together as artists in mutual inspiration.

Ernesto Sanchez

If you find yourself in Northern California, then you must visit his studio directly. Otherwise, contact the artist directly to arrange for a virtual tour.  You can have the moon shipped to you or an angel within a matter of days!

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