Monday, December 12, 2011

Lucid Dreaming in Lucid Art by Fariba Bogzaran

Rememberance by Fariba Bogzaran

Fariba Bogzaran

Many of us dream about the dream and talk about painting the dream but Fariba lives this dream within the dream. Her life is a magical web of light and dark spirals.  Her art touches the innermost pysche. She is one of my favorite artists. If you wish to dive more deeply into the ocean of surrealism and dreaming on the canvas, then I highly recommend Fariba's paintings.

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Photo by Daniel Deslauriers, Hauterives, France, 2008
Fariba Bogzaran, Ph.D., visionary, professor, and artist, founder of the dream studies program at JFK Univerity is one of the pioneers in the field of dream studies.

She has been an exhibiting artist since 1983 and curating exhibitions inquiring into dreams, science and consciousness since 1985. Her research connected her to the lineage of Surrealism and Dynaton group dialoguing with Roberto Matta, Lee Mullican,
Gordon Onslow Ford and many others. She is the co-founder and the Creative Director of the Lucid Art Foundation.

In the 1980's, she researched the science of lucid dreaming with Lucidity Project team (Currently Lucidity Institute) conducting laboratory studies at the Stanford Sleep Laboratory. She has been writing and teaching about the art, science and transpersonal aspect of lucid dreaming for over twenty years.

Dr. Bogzaran has received recognition of outstanding contribution to the International Association for the Study of Dreams and Professor of the Year from Graduate School for Holistic Studies, JFK University

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