Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Lesson in Perseverance by Corey Best

Corey Best

The stark contrast reminds us of the paradox within which we live, work and love. Sculpture as a medium is interesting as it moves beyond the 3D and into utilizing the space around it as well. Corey's sculptures are a combination of a clean line and strength.  In the metaphorical sense, the metalwork visible to the naked eye is what remains after all else has been cut and fired away.  It is a testament of endurance and perseverance.

Abstract by Corey Best

In Corey's own words: "I’ve always been drawn to how things rise and fall. I see it in individuals, scenes, neighborhoods, and buildings. I notice the endurance and decay. I’m fascinated by the way things go in and out of balance. I weld shapes that deal with these themes. I want to show the beauty of an imperfect world. I want to show how we persevere."

To get in touch with Corey, visit his website at this link directly:

Corey Best

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