Monday, December 12, 2011

The Illumination of Piero Resta's Muses on the Canvas

Piero Resta

The art of Piero Resta illuminates the subconscious human connection to one’s mythological and cosmological sense of being. For more than forty years, the artist has explored our presence within the cosmos, continually seeking to discover new ways of perception, to develop a new sense of awareness.

“I’m interested in seeing the birth of a new awakening, in which the sky becomes closer to the earth, re-establishing that the self does not stop at the self, but is limitless.” The artist said: “It’s an innate desire that we strive to achieve, to remove obstacles in order to touch the sky.”

Through his paintings, sculptures, frescoes, fountains, and architectural works, Resta reveals to us a new way of seeing; the artist invites the viewer to join him in the ecstatic journey of discovery, thereby making us aware of what, only moments ago, seemed unreachable. His work illuminates, augmenting infinity, mixing the vast human imagination with clay, pigments, seeds, gold, and light.

Piero's art work is magical and infuses those touched by it with light, joy and love. To surround yourself with his paintings is to celebrate the dance of life as it makes love to love itself.

Piero Resta

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